New Fundraiser!!!


Hey Parents! We have a new fundraiser starting as of yesterday! For those of you who weren’t on the team last year and didn’t participate in fan cloth this is how it works. You will tell your teachers, parents, grandparents, other students etc to text this code " FC281644" to this number 559-900-3222. After they will receive a link to our bobcat shop. This will allow them to pick the items they would like to purchase & PAY for them as well. At checkout they will be asked which cheerleader/ player they will be ordering on behalf of and that’s where they put your name.

If you did not receive a catalog I will hand them out tomorrow at practice. You have till oct 20 to sell all of your items
JV &Varsity must sell ATLEAST 5 items
COMP team must sell ATLEAST 8 items

Remember fundraisers are very crucial and apart of the cheer program YOUR DAUGHTERS signed up for!
Seniors if you decide not to participate we will not beable to purchase stuff for senior night, Along with the cheer banquet for the rest of the teams

Thank you for your support!